Halloween Makeup Guide, Tips & Tricks


Trick? Or Treat!?

Halloween is just around the corner and Fracassi Lashes is excited to share some of our favorite looks with you in our special Halloween Makeup Guide! Looking for a bit of luxury and pre-party pampering? Schedule your appointment today with one of our professional makeup and lash technicians to get the perfect long lasting look.

Want something that you can recreate at home? No problem! Our beauty experts and technicians have some Halloween makeup tips and tricks of the trade to help you get started.

The Lady Lioness

To get this look you can easily work with everyday products you already have in your makeup bag.

Step 1. Try using your favorite bronzer or darker shade of foundation with a heavy application to get a tanned lioness look and apply highlighters as you normally would to further accentuate your cheekbones, inner eyes and Cupid’s bow.

Step 2. Try using brown or black eyeliner or dipping a makeup brush in water and then your darkest eyeshadow shades to make the nose, whiskers and eyes. Start at the tip of the nose to create an upside triangle. Apply speckled freckle marks just above the outer lip line that can be extended out in straight lines to mimic the look of whiskers.

Step 3. For an even more intense look you can use white eye liner on your lower lids and lash line. Use dark brown or black eyeliner liner to create the perfect cat eye and smudge a darker shadow shade on the bottom tear duct to give the elusion of wider eyes. To finish off the look we recommend the signature Million Dollar Lash™ to help give your eyes that extra sexy flair. Voila! Your inner lioness is ready to roar.

Broken Doll

Step 1. Use your favorite foundation and powder to create a flawless complexion and porcelain finish. Followup with your favorite shade of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Step 2. Use a white eye liner or powder underneath the eyes and in the inner corner to give the illusion of large dramatic eyes. Using your favorite black liner, add a few long lines along the bottom lash line to mimic extra large and long lashes. Top off the top with your favorite dark eyeliner and extra glamorous set of eyelashes.

Step 3. Using the same eyeliner, create some zigzag lines on your forehead, cheekbone or chin to create the look of a broken shell. Highlight these lines with the same white eyeliner you used on your eyes.

Step 4. Apply your perfect shade of pink lipstick either in a heart shape in the middle of your lips or normally as you would wear it. Add some curls and a large bow for your hair. Put on your favorite dress and accessorize with pearls if available and you’re all set!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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