Fracassi Lashes was founded by Falicia “Fracassi” Garries in 2009 via her passion for beauty and makeup, Falicia’s meticulous nature demanded more of the industry, especially along the lines of safety and professional application. Falicia Fracassi insightfully addresses the lack of not only trained professionals but establishments that specialized in lash care and maintenance. With safe routines and the ambiance and environment to match, Fracassi’s first location was born on Monroe Avenue in Rochester New York where Falicia Fracassi quickly identified her niche and with the Fracassi’s team developed a two year plan to open four more locations. Greece Ridge mall in Rochester New York, Walden Galleria Mall in Buffalo New York, and in west Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd.

In a business such as Fracassi Lashes, everthing is revised and given thought, from our licensed estheticians and cosmologist to the labs where our products & adhesives are created. With our focus on infrastructure and expansion you can count on seeing more locations in the near future, including our Fracassi Lashes Express. “Bat your lashes Girls”