Celebrity Lashes: Why The Stars Wear Falsies


Many women first encounter false eyelashes when they peer at their TV set or pick up a magazine. Some are oblivious to the fact that stars use these handy accessories; we simply believe that anyone who’s famous must naturally have more accentuated features than the rest of us. This isn’t the truth. Eyelash extensions are a must-have for celebrities for a variety of reasons that are industry specific and important for keeping their timeless look alive.

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Fashionable Under The Flash Bulbs


We all have our moments where we’ve glanced at a picture of ourselves and been horrified to find every feature except for our skin eradicated by camera flash. Now imagine being an A-List celeb. They encounter cameras at every turn, and when the whole world is watching, its imperative that Hollywood royalty keep their flawless look intact. But it’s not just flash bulbs on the catwalk or red carpet that cause this problem; onstage performances, award shows, and TV appearances all use the same strength of high powered lighting that can wash out complexion, and having lash extensions helps to sharpen the features around celebrities’ eyes so the slight nuances of a performance that include silent looks and nonverbal theatrics are still noticed and appreciated by the audience. Without them, soap operas would be expressionless, and photo shoots would require huge amounts of digital editing.


For Beauty’s Sake


Celebrities are the barometers of all things beautiful and luxurious. In order to keep up with the times and demand for fresh and gorgeous faces, many stars opt for false lashes. They help to accentuate and play up desirable features that include bright eyes with an almond shape and an even contrast between their complexion and their lids. Thick luscious lashes are the perfect way to achieve an attractive visage that possesses such features. Remember, celebrities are role models for a lot of women and have to uphold the standard for what beauty is, and this nearly always includes having big beautiful lashes framing a vibrant set of eyes.


Prolonging Their Youth


Aside from the pressure to be beautiful every day of the year, celebrities also encounter a ton of pressure to maintain their youth. It comes from everywhere; fans and critics alike start to talk when they see a single fine line or a strand of gray hair, and if so and so gains ten pounds, the press has a field day with unflattering photos or captions containing put downs that emblazon the cover of every tabloid. Most of us can appreciate the onset of aging, and eyelashes certainly aren’t immune to this advent. Lash extensions keep eyes from looking tired and thicken up thinning lash lines with volume and length that eyelids lose throughout the years from being suffocated by cosmetics and dulled through natural maturation. Turning to false eyelashes can help to prolong stars’ youthful appearance as well as their marketability. This way, their careers last longer, which can be quite the challenge in the fast-paced world of entertainment.


There are many reasons why the stars choose to don falsies, and each reason is completely justifiable; especially in a world where your career can be over as quick as it started. Working in an industry full of glitz and glamour means going the extra mile with cosmetics, and wearing false eyelashes is a simple but effective step in the right direction. On-screen work makes these a necessity, and because they amp up every woman’s appearance with little effort, lash extensions are a mainstay in the entertainment industry.

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