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If it wasn’t for celebrities, we may never have had eyelash extensions in the first place. Their usefulness for major events, red carpets, catwalks, and when on camera make false eyelashes very popular among celebs all over. In fact, there are more women in Hollywood wearing them than not, and for good reason. When the whole world is looking at you, you have to look your best. The stars below pull off flirty fringe without batting a lash (pun absolutely intended), and you can too with one of Fracassi Lashes’ kickass lash packages. Let’s take a look at the most popular lashes on the screen and in your magazines.


J Lo


Even though this sultry Latina actress and singer maintains that she’s still Jenny from da block, lashes like hers say superstar like nobody’s business. Jennifer Lopez uses mink eyelashes for a lengthy but natural lash that makes her hazel peepers look impossibly stunning. Bottom and top, her gorgeous eyes could make any man’s jaw drop, and that fantastic booty doesn’t hurt either.


Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian’s intense black lashes are full top and bottom much like J Lo’s. She’s such an avid wearer of lash extensions that she decided to carry them as part of her own line. Another star who loves the texture and look of mink extensions, Kim likes them long and full to frame her sparkly dark eyes and is rarely seen without them locked in place.


Katy Perry


Pop Princess Katy Perry goes nowhere without a set of lash extensions fixed to her baby blues. She uses multiple varieties based on her many changing looks and is said to have her own collection of lashes that span classic, whimsical, big and bold, and novelty styles. Her most notable look is comparable to the Million Dollar Lash by Fracassi Lashes with a thick, dark, long, and medium design that open her eyes up super wide for a doll-like look that drives the boys nuts.




Madame Sasha Fierce doesn’t play around when it comes to lashes. This R&B superstar is a huge lash extension enthusiast and uses mink lashes as well (are we seeing a trend here, or what?). It is rumored that Ms. Knowles purchases lashes in bulk, and is very rarely, if ever, seen without a smoking set of super-lengthy falsies pasted atop her gaze.


Megan Fox


Megan Fox is practically Angelina Jolie Part Deux, and a deliciously seductive stare like that wouldn’t be complete without an up and out lash extension to rim her almond shaped eyes. Her look is made using medium and long length lashes with a huge up turn to make her eyes pop, and a neutral shadow pulls it all together for extra sex appeal.

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