Fracassi Lashes Care Sheet


  • 1.

    No contact with water for 12-24 hours.

  • 2.

    Do not submerge the eyelashes in water, this will cause the adhesive to soften and lashes may come off.

  • 3.

    When washing your face, use caution around your eyes.

  • 4.

    Mascara can be used with individual eyelashes; however, we ask that you wait 2 hours after eyelash application. Eyeliner or eyeshadow can be used with your new lashes.

  • 5.

    You may notice a slight shadow in your view with your new eyelashes. This is normal and will go away once your eyes adjust to your new eyelashes.

In the Morning

Do not rub your eyes, this is very tempting in the morning from sleeping overnight. With our softer adhesive, your may notice a slight sticking in the morning from sleeping. This sticking is due to your eyes being closed during sleep and will go away.

As you wear your eyelashes in the days ahead, your natural eyelashes will grow and your artificial eyelashes will grow with them.

Follow up tips

It is best to schedule a follow up appointment with Fracassi Lashes. Each lash technician is trained to remove eyelashes safely to prevent lash loss.

Do not pull the lash in attempt to remove. This will cause eyelash loss. Make an appointment for a fill, removal or a new set. A new set of lashes can be done in the same day as a removal.

How long your eyelashes last depends on the following:
  • 1. How you take care of them.
  • 2. How thick or thin your own eyelashes are,
    (if your own eyelashes are thick they will last longer, if your eyelashes are thinner you will have a shorter wear time).
  • 3. The choice of adhesive you and your lash technician choose.
  • 4. Your daily lifestyle: if you are a swimmer, work out heavily, etc.


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