WDKX Rochester’s 3rd Annual Women For Women Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference


Fracassi Lashes Joins in the Celebration of Women and Entrepreneurial Spirit







Rochester-Sept. 20Th, 2014- The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center was brimming with ideas and encouragement this week as the 3rd Annual WDKX Women for Women Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference got underway. Scores of women and their supporters from in and around the Rochester area joined together to offer up their experiences and advice on all things business, exchanging ideas with one another and offering support where possible for women who are looking to begin their own pathways toward success.


Panelists at this year’s event included Fracassi Lashes CEO Falicia Fracassi (with the support of her COO Carlton Noel Campbell), Monroe Community College’s Business Administration and Economics Professor Sherry Tshibangu, Business Growth Program Manager Malik Evans from the ESL Federal Credit Union, and Melissa Greco Lopes who is Social Media Manager at Dixon Schwabi. Moderators Carlet Cleare and Michelle Faust, both Public Affairs Reporters for the WXXI Public Broadcasting Council, kept the conversation going with excellent questions for panelists that wonderfully showcased each member’s journey as an entrepreneur, which provided the audience with valuable insight into starting a business from the ground up and how to navigate the business world’s sometimes tricky and discouraging terrain.


Audience members were then allowed to pose their own questions and consult the panel for advice with several concerns and situations they are currently or anticipating encounters with during their rise to the top. Topics ran the gambit: from the first steps in planning and brand marketing to obtaining an initial business loan or investment or maintaining positive relationships with clients for growth, women were able to open up about their worries, hopes, and goals for themselves, their families, and their futures in a supportive and educational environment where the common goal is always helping women to realize their full potential as founders of companies and mothers of innovation.


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time at WDKX’s Women for Women Conference and came away from the day with a renewed passion for their callings in business. Rochester is very fortunate to have such a wealth of information on entrepreneurship at its disposal and very grateful for WDKX, Rochester’s Number One Station for R&B, for their ongoing support for women through events like the Women for Women Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference. Lash Queen Falicia Fracassi was especially motivated, exclaiming that “I will always be available to support WDKX’s agenda.”


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Falicia Fracassi is CEO of Fracassi Lashes, New York State’s premier lash salon. With locations in Rochester, Buffalo, and Harlem, as well as express locations in Times Square and the Port Authority, grabbing a couple girlfriends and a new set of lashes has never been easier. Call 1-855-873-LASH for more info.


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