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When you begin wearing makeup, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices you’re presented with. Often, you will opt for the trendy shades that are all the rage for the season, but just because a color is the ‘in thing’ doesn’t mean it’s you. There are a variety of factors that are key to determining which colors of shadow, blush, lip stain, and even mascara work best. Below we can examine each factor a little further and give you the skinny on what kind of color choices you should consider.


Consider Your Complexion









Being that your complexion takes up the majority of your canvas, it’s important to take this basic into account. If you have fairer skin, it’s key to avoid heavy foundation and darker shades of blush. These show up too boldly on fair skin. Medium and olive skinned beauties should lean towards earth tones and muted rusty oranges and avoid going too light. Dark skinned babes can go for brighter hues with more pigment like reds, purples, and pinks for a more dramatic contour. Testing a blush on the back of your hand can help you to decide which shade would suit you best.


For an Amazing Gaze


Our eyes are a splash of color and help to give the face shimmer and character. They are what make your looks, and it is important to remember not to overpower the color of your eyes with shadows and liners that compete with your eye color; this draws attention away from the eye and up to the eye lid. If we imagine a color wheel, your go-to shadow shades fall somewhere towards the opposite side of that wheel. Brown eyes love pinks, blues, and lilac shades, and blue eyes are best complimented by earthy greens, golds, and softened pastels that shy away from blue pigments. Green eyes are fire-orange friendly and can pull off purples quite well. Wear a brighter shade of lip color with neutral shadows and more neutral lip color with brighter shadows. Plus, you can’t possibly go wrong with a new set of lash extensions to pull it all together.


Don’t Overlook Your Locks


Hair color counts for a lot when discussing lashes and brows. Especially if you’ve changed your hair color. Having brows a few shades darker than your hair color will ensure that you maintain the correct level of contrast between your hair, skin, and eyes. Brow gels are often blendable and can be mixed to come up with the perfect match, and eye lash extensions tinted just right for your hair and skin tone will help you to avoid any further possibility of donning a washed out complexion.


Seasonal Musts


Now that you’ve got some idea what kinds of shades work best with your skin, you must remember to keep makeup with the season it belongs to. Summer is all about shimmer, nudes, transparent glosses, and bronzers while the Fall allows for rich warm shades like wine and copper. Pastels and fresh neons are great for a pop of color in the Spring, and inter is about cool colors and neutrals that can accent your features during the cold and palest months for skin, so don’t forget to adjust your foundation accordingly.


When all is said and done, you can play around with the ideas you’ve learned about to magnify your greatest facial features and express your personality all at once. If you’re like a smokier eye, use a smudging brush and a dark kohl liner. For a fresh and flirty look, go for the pastels and tinted liners with a bit of shimmer. Having this info at your disposal should make it easy to play with the many choices mentioned above. So what’s your best look ? Still don’t know! Visit your local Fracassi Lashes for a makeup session.

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