Holiday Beauty Gifts They’ll Adore

What's on her wish list?

What’s on her wish list?

The holidays are a confusing time of year for a lot of people. It’s not like Dec. 25th is some dreaded day lurking in the far-off future of every year, but you have a long list of people to buy for and not a single idea what to get. When buying for the ladies in your life, shopping can become a bit nerve-wracking. You want to be able to get the perfect gift that says how you feel about someone. You want it to be something the recipients will actually use. So let’s break it down for all the rookies and alumni alike. Whether you’re new to the gift-giving game or simply running out of ideas after years of the same old bath set or box of chocolates these ideas are sure to score you brownie points with the people who help keep you sane.

 Family Matters

You’re probably lost when buying for your mom by now, aren’t you? -and you’ve been buying gifts for your sister since you could talk. It’s always difficult picking out that perfect purchase with that many Christmases under your belt. Thinking outside the box here is crucial. Don’t be tempted to fall into a pattern of yearly bath crystals, and for Pete’s sake, don’t stop by the gas station on your way to your sister’s place. Give your sister a year-round lash package from one of Fracassi Lashes’ locations. It’s an inexpensive gift that she can get some use out of, and she can stop in at the salon several times per year and revamp her look. As for Mom, being the supportive and hardworking apple of your eye for all these years deserves some special treatment. Splurge, and get her a spa gift like a microdermabrasion. Both of these are extremely unique gifts that show that you think about the ladies in your family and how much you love them.

Fracassi Lashes Year Round Packages!!!

Fracassi Lashes Year Round Packages!!!

Friends, Coworkers, and Acquaintances

I’m sure there are varying degrees of separation between your close friends and your coworkers. Whatever the nature of your connection to one another, you shouldn’t shy away from gifting when it comes to these pillars of support that help you on the job and in your day to day meanderings. You don’t want to send the wrong message to these colleagues, but you do want to show that you appreciate their company and hard work. If you have a friend who’s planning a trip to Mexico or Hawaii, give them a month of tanning on you. Your favorite interns at work might like a quick stop by Fracassi Lashes for a brow sculpt. These gifts show that you’re grateful for the comradery, but don’t seem too personal, and they definitely beat the certificates to the Jelly of the Month Club.


Make Significant Progress With Your Significant Other

 Of all the women in your life, the one that matters most is the one who keeps you fed and in clean clothes. She knows where your socks are and makes sure you don’t forget appointments. The holidays are the perfect time to give back. Slip a certificate for a day at Fracassi Lashes into her stocking. You can start with a massage, and have their fully trained and certified staff walk her through an incredible spa experience with waxing, makeup, a facial, and a glam lash extensions to frame her beautiful eyes. When she comes home, she’ll feel cared for in a way that a bread maker or bathrobe can’t convey.


The holidays are not so much about giving as they are about showing that you care. Each of these types of people in your life wouldn’t be upset to get bath products or nightwear, but they do say, its the thought that counts, and sending these gals down to Fracassi Lashes is a great way to show that you’re thinking about them when it matters most.

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