Are Lash Extensions For Me?


If you’ve never used false eyelashes, it can seem like a foreign concept with little practical value. Up until recently, its been more of a celebrity shtick to go to such measures for pure aesthetics, but as of late, we’ve been able to access professionals and take-home kits that can give us the lashes of songstresses, models, and actresses without hassle or worry of poking an eye out or getting a sub-par product. So why should you switch it up and take the leap of faith towards using lash extensions? It’s almost a no-brainer when you consider the points listed below.


Preventing a Washed-Out Look


If you’ve dyed your hair a darker shade or gotten your tan on recently, you’re familiar with the change in appearance that follows. When you change the shade of your locks or your skin tone, it can drastically minimize your brows, lashes, and even lips, leaving you with a washed-out look. You can, of course, replace brow pencil and swap out lip stains, but if you’re already using the blackest mascara possible, you have nowhere else to go for the contrast needed to offset the skin around your eyes. Lash extensions are the perfect antidote to this. They break up a monotone Plain Jane appearance, so you can go on looking like your supervixen self without having to pile on globs of heavy clumping mascara that wasn’t helping all that much in the first place. You can also change up the shade of your falsies every time you change your hair color, so you maintain a hot look no matter which hue you choose.


Amping Up Eye Color


Whether you’re sporting bright beautiful baby blue, deep sultry chocolate brown, or seductive jewel-like green eyes, deciding on false eyelashes means a brighter more vibrant iris. The dark lines that are created by the use of lash extensions help to amplify your eye color and shadow for a glimmering gaze with inner brilliance. They frame the eye much better than a simple coat of mascara and come in a variety of shades, so you can pick the best match for your pretty peepers. There is no doubt, false eyelashes make your eyes pop and appear bigger. Leaving you with an alert and gorgeous gaze with a sharper look.


Fattening Up Thinning Lashes


As we mature, our skin and hair lose vitality. This is also true for eyelashes. Over time, they can become sparse, short, and straighter than ever before. Before you know it, your thick, curly, and abundant lashes have transformed and you are left wondering when mascara became so ineffective. Sadly, it isn’t that the quality of mascara is dwindling; it’s your eyelashes. There are alternatives available to those with maturing skin, but they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. You could opt for a prescription medicine that can enhance eyelash growth, but are the side effects and bodily risk really worth it? Not a chance. Using lash extensions is non-invasive with no risk. They add depth and volume to your stare, and you don’t have to visit your GP or cough up nasty Rx fees to achieve these lasting results.


It’s fairly obvious that false eyelashes are a versatile and beneficial addition to your regular cosmetics routine. You can use them as you wish, removing them as you see fit and changing their thickness or shade along with your mood, outfit, or hair color for a banging look that shows off one of the best assets you have: your beautiful eyes.


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