Top and Bottom Lash Extensions Make Mornings Easier!

With the holiday season in FULL effect, everyone’s to-do list is that much longer. On top of our normal work and household duties, come a whole slew of holiday related activities: holiday parties, gift shopping, planning and executing the holiday dinner, wrapping gifts, putting out (then putting away) the holiday décor. The list seems never […]


The Wiz Live! Makeup Tips & Tricks

Lashes and Lipstick and Eyeliner, Oh My! Beauty tips from The Wiz Live! Evillene Photo credit: Paul Gilmore/ NBCU On Friday, December 3, NBC continued their holiday tradition of airing live musical stage shows with the airing of The Wiz Live! While the network’s previous live musicals were less than stellar, NBC knew what they […]


Celebrity Yvette Noel-Schure Hosts Wine & Lashes Party!

Celebrity publicist Yvette Noel-Schure finds something to celebrate every day. On Wednesday, November 18th, that something was her own birthday, held at Fracassi Lashes Beauty Lounge in Harlem. Known for throwing amazing birthday parties, Yvette didn’t disappoint. The fabulous affair, coined the “Wine and Lashes birthday celebration” (wine and cheese parties are so last year) […]


Wine and Lash parties are the new ‘Wine and Cheese’ parties!

Do you have a birthday or other special event coming up? Instead of celebrating in the usual ways with a brunch, dinner or night at an overcrowded club, why not have a lash party instead? During a lash party at Fracassi Lashes, you and your closest pals will be pampered as you spend the night […]


New Customer Special!

New Customer Special! New to the eyelash game? Fracassi Lashes has you covered. Come into our new Harlem Location for your free eyebrow wax and discounted eyelash application from one of our professional beauty technicians. This promotion is for a limited time only so be sure to get your offer while it’s available. Buy now […]


Wendy Williams Show Look For Less

Falicia Fracassi Rocks Cookie Lyon’s Style for Less on Wendy Williams On Tuesday, Fracassi Lashes founder Falicia Fracassi made a guest appearance on The Wendy Williams Show as a model for the segment Get the Look for Less. Featuring advice from style expert Melissa Garcia, the segment featured affordable versions of the best looks from […]


Halloween Makeup Guide, Tips & Tricks

Get the Lioness or Broken Doll Halloween look this year with Fracassi Lashes Makeup guide, tips & tricks!


Prom Special


Choosing Beauty and the Presence of Choice

Your weight, age, and features have very little to do with being beautiful. It’s more of a conscious decision on your part. Much like how you can decide to wear sweats. Despite what many believe, beauty is a choice, so don’t get down on yourself if you haven’t reached your ideal weight or start to […]


Popular Stars With Lash Extensions

If it wasn’t for celebrities, we may never have had eyelash extensions in the first place. Their usefulness for major events, red carpets, catwalks, and when on camera make false eyelashes very popular among celebs all over. In fact, there are more women in Hollywood wearing them than not, and for good reason. When the […]


Holiday Beauty Gifts They’ll Adore

The holidays are a confusing time of year for a lot of people. It’s not like Dec. 25th is some dreaded day lurking in the far-off future of every year, but you have a long list of people to buy for and not a single idea what to get. When buying for the ladies in […]


Alli Webb: Blowout Babe and Entrepreneur

    Imagine rolling down the freeway in your SUV with barely enough cash to keep your dream alive. Six years ago, Hot Mama of two and Blowout Babe Alli Webb was doing just that. Her ingenious idea for an express styling service quickly grew in popularity, and Alli went from an office of one […]


What Fracassi Makeup Lessons Can Do For You

    Fracassi Lashes isn’t just about applying your lash extensions and sending you on your way. Our licensed estheticians are also able to offer lessons on applying makeup. Helpful to all women, these lessons show ladies how to determine which colors work best with their features, application techniques, and tricks of the trade that […]


Pick and Choose: The Best Look For The Best You

                        When you begin wearing makeup, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices you’re presented with. Often, you will opt for the trendy shades that are all the rage for the season, but just because a color is the ‘in thing’ doesn’t mean […]


WDKX Rochester’s 3rd Annual Women For Women Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference

Fracassi Lashes Joins in the Celebration of Women and Entrepreneurial Spirit             Rochester-Sept. 20Th, 2014- The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center was brimming with ideas and encouragement this week as the 3rd Annual WDKX Women for Women Entrepreneurial Mindset Conference got underway. Scores of women and their supporters from in and […]


Year-Round Lashes With Fracassi’s Annual Packages

There’s nothing better than having thick luscious lashes that enhance your gorgeous gaze and command attention when you walk into a room. If slicking on a few coats of mascara just isn’t doing it for you anymore or you want to update your look, Fracassi Lashes has the perfect answer for you, and it’s available […]


Fracassi Lashes Outbreak! Be Bold

Click the link to view our quick video for an amazing visual of recent Fracassi events and much more. (Click the link below) IMG_0329


Celebrity Lashes: Why The Stars Wear Falsies

Many women first encounter false eyelashes when they peer at their TV set or pick up a magazine. Some are oblivious to the fact that stars use these handy accessories; we simply believe that anyone who’s famous must naturally have more accentuated features than the rest of us. This isn’t the truth. Eyelash extensions are […]


Are Lash Extensions For Me?

If you’ve never used false eyelashes, it can seem like a foreign concept with little practical value. Up until recently, its been more of a celebrity shtick to go to such measures for pure aesthetics, but as of late, we’ve been able to access professionals and take-home kits that can give us the lashes of […]