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Mink lashes are the most high quality lash that money can buy. Almost every female celebrity uses these lashes instead of the versions found on shelves at the drugstore. What’s the appeal? Why all the fuss? Let’s take a closer look at these new-school extensions in all their flitting glory.

What’s The Story?

Mink lashes are made with mink hairs that have been removed by brushing the mink’s fur and gathering the loose hairs. They are extremely dark and come in strip sets, clumps, and individual lashes for spot treatments or all-at-once application onto each eye. The Dash Lash at Fracassi Lashes gives off the mink look without the mink price.

Why All The Glory?

The most natural looking lash extensions on the market are made using mink fur. This is possible due to the thick to thin make-up of each hair and their amazing flexibility. This is why red carpet regulars and models choose these over other varieties of lash extension: They come in all lengths and amp up a gal’s femininity almost effortlessly. They curl easily and are soft to the touch, so you won’t be embarrassed to have your lashes flutter against your man’s neck when you hold him close. Mink lashes are also great for long term wear due to their lighter weight, which prevents the real lashes they’re attached to from prematurely falling out or being damaged.

Any Alternatives?

If you’re dead set against using animal products or reluctant to drop the extra cash on the real thing, there are a few options that can give you a look and feel that is comparable to mink lash extensions. Faux mink extensions are made using a polyester blend and are similar in weight. They also have the same finish, which keeps your lashes looking as natural as possible unlike silk lashes that are too glossy and look fake like doll lashes. Polyester lashes can also last a long time before needing to be removed and replaced and are the next best thing for the next best price.

Fracassi Lashes offers multiple options for eyelash extensions, and their certified Lash Technicians are more than capable of helping you decide on the best lash for you as well as what makeup to pair them with and how to preserve their longevity. Call 1-855-873-LASH to book and appointment or gather more info about Fracassi Lashes’ other products and services.

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