Top and Bottom Lash Extensions Make Mornings Easier!


With the holiday season in FULL effect, everyone’s to-do list is that much longer. On top of our normal work and household duties, come a whole slew of holiday related activities: holiday parties, gift shopping, planning and executing the holiday dinner, wrapping gifts, putting out (then putting away) the holiday décor. The list seems never ending. No wonder everyone gets stressed out at this time of year!

While Fracassi Lashes can’t take anything off your to-do list (sorry!), we can help you simplify your morning routine, and catch some extra Z’s! Lash extensions on your top and lower lashes eliminate the need to apply eyeliner or mascara.

Eyelash extensions are proof that good things really do come in small packages. Lash extensions have the ability to enhance not only your eyes, but your entire face! The addition of eyelash extensions draws attention to your eyes and can brighten up and freshen your whole face. They can help the wearer look bright-eyed and bushy tailed even when they’re anything but.

While you’re free to accentuate your eyes with your favorite taupe, emerald green or plum eye shadow, without damaging your lashes (as long as you use a non-oil based remover to take it off) you may find you don’t need it.

Many wearers find that eyelash extensions on the top and bottom make them feel super glamorous even without the addition of makeup. So glamorous that they can wake, shower, dress and go!
You may even you wake up singing, “I woke up like ‘dis!”

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